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There are three formal standing committees of Council that meet regularly to discuss a range of issues, applications and proposals. All committee meetings are open to the public.

Committees are as follows:

Environmental Planning Committee (EP)

The EP Committee considers design and strategic planning issues that affect the municipality and our local environment.

EP Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes

Finance, Community & Services Committee (FC&S)

The FC&S Committee considers financial, budget and work issues, and issues relating to services for people.

FC&S Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes

Strategic & Corporate Committee (S&C)

The S&C Committee deals with issues that have an impact on the whole of Council.

S&C Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes

Council also convenes meetings of the Woollahra Local Traffic Committee (LTC):

Woollahra Local Traffic Committee (LTC)

The LTC is a technical advisory committee which operates under delegation from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). It is chaired by Council and Council is a voting member, the others being the RMS, the Police, and the Local Member(s).

The LTC from time to time also meets as the Local Development Committee to consider traffic impacts of proposed developments on main roads.

LTC Agendas and Minutes

Former Committees (prior to 12 March 2018)

On 12 March 2018 Council resolved to adopt a revised Committee Structure effective from April 2018. The Corporate & Works Committee (C&W), Community & Environment (C&E) and Urban Planning (UP) Committee delegations have been rescinded and no further meetings of Committees or Council will be held.

Archived agendas and minutes of the previous Committees are provided below for reference.