Carry out works on public road including driveways

In This Section

You must obtain approval from Council to carry out construction related works in a public road.  This approval is required under S138 of the Roads Act.  Note: This will not generally be required for works covered by a Road Opening Permit

Use this form to apply for Council consent to:

a) erect a structure to carry out work in, on or over a public road eg, construct a retaining wall in the footpath area or construct a new driveway. A new driveway will only be permitted where it gives access to:

  • a garage, carport or hardstand area that has been approved as part of a development consent, or
  • an existing garage, carport or hardstand area

b) dig up or disturb the surface of a public road eg, construct a drainage pipe from a private property to a Council stormwater pit

c) remove or interfere with a structure or work on a public road eg, adjust a traffic island to install a new driveway crossing in accordance with a development consent, and/or

d) pump water into a public road from any land adjoining the road eg, pump stormwater trapped in an excavation out to the kerb in accordance with a development consent.

Works on public roads are not limited to the examples above and you are advised to discuss your proposal with Council is you have any questions.

Construction of works on a public road must not commence until you receive an approval letter from Council.

Please ensure you supply all required supporting documentation with the completed application.

Specification for roadworks, drainage and miscellaneous works

This specification shall apply to all work carried out to roads, drains or landscaped areas of public land by Council's contractors, subcontractors or Council's maintenance staff.

This specification is referenced by Tenders for Road Infrastructure, Stormwater and/or Streetscape Projects in addition to the maintenance activities described above.