Roads and footpaths

In This Section

Repairs and maintenance

Find out what we maintain and how to report damage to a road, footpaths and gutters, signs, bus shelters, street seats. Find out about our street cleaning program. Find out about our trial of sustainable asphalt.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Find out about Council Asset Management Policy, Strategy, and management plans along with the Capital Works Program.

Road opening permits

Find out our requirements for the issue of a permit to open (dig and excavate) the road, footpath or nature strips in a public road.

Permit to stand plant on a public road

Find out our requirements and how to apply to place an item of plant on a public road, such as a mobile crane, concrete pump or the like.

Carry out works on a public road including driveways

You must obtain approval to carry out construction related works in a public road such as constructing a driveway, retaining wall or stormwater system. Find out our requirements and how to apply.

Footway restaurant approval

Find out our requirements to locate tables and chairs on the footpath outside your cafe or restaurant

Display of goods on footpaths

Find out our requirements and how to apply for a permit for the purpose of the limited display of shop goods on the footpath outside your business.

Specification for roadworks, drainage and miscellaneous works

This specification shall apply to all work carried out to roads, drains or landscaped areas of public land by Council's contractors, subcontractors or Council's maintenance staff.

This specification is referenced by Tenders for Road Infrastructure, Stormwater and/or Streetscape Projects in addition to the maintenance activities described above.