Minimising graffiti

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Here are some of the strategies you can use to help minimise graffiti on your property.

  • Report graffiti promptly.
  • Where it is not eligible for removal under Council’s program, make your own arrangements to remove the graffiti promptly.
  • Help your neighbours to remove graffiti from their properties, particularly if they are less mobile.
  • Encourage others in your street to take action against graffiti.
  • Where possible, provide less attractive ‘canvases’ by breaking up large flat wall surfaces with doors, windows, ornamentation, lattice panels, screen plantings and texture.
  • Plant fast growing shrubs and vines to make wall surfaces less accessible.
  • Well lit, cared for areas are less likely to be targeted. Install sensor lighting as a deterrent, as graffiti vandals are reluctant to work in well-lit places.