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Walking your dog

Walking your dog

Find out which parks are suitable for your dog.

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Filming and stills photography

Our area's diversity of natural and urban settings makes it an ideal location for filming and photography.

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Rubbish and recycling

Find your collection days, and when the scheduled household rubbish collection is scheduled.

Information on how we can help with composting & worm farming and recycling. How to report illegally dumped rubbish. Find out what are the options and locations for disposal of excess household rubbish, extra garbage for a party or event, excess garden waste and chemicals such as paints and pesticides.


How to apply to prune or remove a tree on private property or request Council prune or remove a tree on public space. Find out the location of significant trees in the municipality or which local species (PDF) are best suited for use in your garden.

Parking permits

Find out if you are eligible for resident parking permit.

Animals and pets

Find out about registering your dog or cat, places to walk your dog, and what do if your dog is lost. Actions we can take if you have a barking dog next door or a dog attack has occurred. Helpful information on cats, bees, bats, possums and dead and injured animals.

Filming and photography

Woollahra Municipal Council is a popular location for filming and photography. A permit is required for all filming activities and commercial (stills) photography in public open space, streets and parks.

Graffiti removal

We provide services to clean graffiti from public property and private property. Find out how to protect your property from graffiti and how to clean it off.

Roads and footpaths

Find out what capital works have been carried out or are planned in your area by viewing our Infrastructure Renewal Program by Ward. Find out what we maintain and how to report damage. View our requirements for obtaining a permit to open a road and a permit to stand plant on a public road. Find out how to carry out construction related works in a public road including driveways.