Boating facilities

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Boat rack

Woollahra's bays and inlets provide free access to Sydney Harbour via wharves, boat ramps and beaches for both motorised and non-motorised water craft, including small water craft such as dinghies, kayaks, paddle boards etc.  Water craft storage is available at a number of harbourside parks, as outlined below. Boat ramp locations are also described below.

Water craft storage

Find out about fees and permits associated with water craft storage, and the circumstances under which water craft may be impounded.

Location of dinghy storage facilities

Dinghy storage facilities are provided in Double Bay, Rose Bay and Watsons Bay.

Dinghy Storage Hire Waiting List

You can use our online form to apply to be placed on the waiting list for hire of a dinghy storage space at one of Council's storage facilities.

Boat ramps

Lyne Park, Rose Bay provides a twin lane trailer boat ramp for motorised craft - west side of Lyne Park beside Rose Bay Ferry Wharf.

Lyne Park, Rose Bay also provides a boat ramp for non-motorised craft - east side of Lyne Park beside Woollahra Sailing Club.

Steyne Park, Double Bay provides a boat ramp for non-motorised craft - west side of Double Bay Sailing Club.