Pedestrian Upgrades for Bay Street, Double Bay

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Pedestrian Upgrades for Bay Street, Double Bay
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Published 22 February 2023

Council will deliver a suite of pedestrian upgrades in Bay Street, Double Bay that will improve safety, accessibility, amenity and connection to the Double Bay Ferry Wharf, beach and Steyne Park.

When complete, they will make walking, cycling and public transport an easier and more enjoyable way to access the harbour front. These works will be delivered at the same time as Transport for NSW’s major upgrade of the Double Bay Ferry Wharf, resulting in a fresh look for the entire precinct by the end of 2023.

What does this project involve?

This project involves moving the street’s existing cul-de-sac closer to the Double Bay centre, allowing us to expand the paved area between the street and ferry wharf. Through pedestrian-friendly design and increased planting and landscaping, the upgrades will result in a leafy and attractive space that enhances the character of the area.

Work includes:

  • Moving the cul-de-sac 26 metres closer to the William Street
  • Creating a paved pedestrian zone at the northern end of Bay Street
  • Reducing ten car parking spaces to allow a greater area for walking
  • Adding bicycle racks
  • Extending tree canopy and adding new landscaping
  • Improving stormwater drainage and quality of water management

How is this project funded?

This project is wholly funded by a grant from the NSW Government’s Public Spaces Legacy Program and under the terms must be completed by December 2023.

When is the work planned?

Under the terms of the funding, Council must construct and deliver the project by December 2023. Businesses and residents will be notified before any work starts and Council will work with them to maintain access during construction.

See the plan for the Bay Street pedestrian upgrades below:

bay street double bay small
Click on the image for a larger version

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