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Meet Our Volunteers

Woollahra Libraries currently have more than 80 volunteers in our program. In a typical week, this group of enthusiastic individuals contributes 150 hours to the service!

The volunteer program fosters wellbeing and community connectedness, and enables us to successfully deliver our numerous programs and events, as well as Home Library and JP services. Volunteers also provide the community with IT support, and even supervise the slippery slide at Woollahra Library at Double Bay. They are an essential part of the library team, and we excited to introduce you to some of them.

Cati - Library Volunteer
Cati, General Library Service and Slide

Meet Cati, one of our wonderful long-standing volunteers at Woollahra Libraries! Now retired, Cati spent her career as a school teacher, and says that her two favourite things in life are "people and books." When she was looking for a way to help others and fill some of her spare time, the libraries seemed like a perfect fit. That was more than seven years ago, and Cati has been here almost every week since.

Cati volunteers in our general library services area, helping to keep our collection tidy and in order and locate missing or reserved items. She also monitors the slippery slide, ensuring all sliders follow the rules. "Being with people is the main reason I'm here: to help somebody."

Cati's favourite thing about the library is "the librarians, Ray [our courier], our cleaner [Beryl]... all the people are just absolutely superb." She also loves the natural greenery at Woollahra Library at Double Bay. "The plants! You get in and you are in another world."  If she could improve one thing, Cati would find a way to keep the children's area from getting messy so quickly.

In her spare time, Cati (unsurprisingly!) loves to read. She is a member of our Redleaf Book Club and recently finished re-re-reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

Interested in volunteering?

If you love libraries, people or events and are looking for work experience, or simply wish to give back to the community, then we’d like to hear from you!