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The following fees and charges (inc. GST) are applicable until 30 June 2020.

You can now pay online for library services.

Borrower Card
Replacement cost$4.20
Writers & Readers - entry fee (per person) $10.00
Children and Young Adult Activities (per person) - cost will vary up to a maximum $50.00 maximum
Adult and Local History Activities (per person) - cost will vary up to a maximum $50.00 maximum
Digital Literary Award - competition entry fee (per competition entry, festival attendance fee extra)$10.00
Fines for overdue items - per day (GST exempt)
Seniors/Pensioners and Children$0.30
Maximum charge per item$11.50
Fast Reads service$1.00
Fast Reads maximum charge per item$20.00

Inter-library loans fees - per item (non-refundable and payable upon fulfilment of request)
Non-charging libraries - Adults $3.00
Non-charging libraries - Seniors, Pensioners and Children $1.50
Charging libraries $16.50
Library bags
Cost per library bag - Adult$5.00

Local History
Non-commercial local history research (per hour)  $43.00
Commercial local history research (per hour) $66.00
File retrieval fee (per file part) $16.50
Photographic reproduction - based on cost of reproduction (CR) plus a service charge CR + $14.00
Commercial usage of photograph from Collection (per item per use) $63.00
Lost items or damaged beyond repair
Charges for lost or damaged beyond repair items are non-refundable and are based on cost price (CP) plus a service chargeCP + $11.75
Replacement barcode/RFID tag (per item)$1.50
Photocopying and printing charges
Per A4 page, black and white$0.25
Per A3 page, black and white$0.45
Per A4 page, colour (only available at Double Bay and Paddington libraries)$1.10
Per A3 page, colour (only available at Double Bay and Paddington libraries)$2.20
Scanned items (per scan)$0.10
3D printing usage (per item)$10.00
3D printing filament (per gram)$0.20
Reservation fees (non-refundable and payable upon reserve being made)
Seniors, Pensioners and Children$1.50
USB stick
Cost per USB stick$10.00