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Are you unable to visit Woollahra Libraries because of illness or disability? If so, the Home Library Service may be able to help you. Full-time carers are also eligible to join the service. A medical certificate or statement signed by a doctor will be required to assess your eligibility.

To apply for the Home Library Service, please complete the application form and the Community Engagement Officer – Home Library Service will contact you within 7 days to confirm your eligibility and determine your reading preferences.

* indicates required field

Applicant details

Residential Address

Emergency Contact

Emergency contact details are required. Please ensure that your emergency contact is aware that you have joined the service and that deliveries will be made to your home.

Additional information for delivery

Please provide any instructions or additional information to assist with your delivery e.g. visitor parking available, security, type of building etc. Please note that a site assessment will be carried out prior to your first delivery.

Terms & Conditions

Woollahra Libraries Home Library Service membership is conditional upon agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

Members will:

  • accept responsibility for all library material borrowed on their card
  • have library material ready for collection by library staff or volunteer on the due date
  • agree to: pay for the loss of, or damage to, any library material (physical and digital) borrowed; give notice of any change of address; pay any charges incurred; observe all related Library rules and guidelines
  • advise Woollahra Libraries of any changes to circumstances affecting delivery, e.g. absence due to holidays, illness, etc.
  • agree that in the event they are unable to be contacted, Library staff will contact their designated emergency contact

Privacy notification

The personal information provided by you is required by Woollahra Libraries to process this application and will be used for library purposes only.