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Home Library Service

Are you unable to come to the library because of illness or disability? If so, the Home Library Service may be able to help you.

Full-time carers are also eligible for our service.

Library staff and volunteers select from a wide range of our materials in our collection, which can be delivered to your home.

Available items include:

  • Books, including large print
  • Magazines
  • Talking books
  • DVDs
  • Music CDs
  • Material in community languages
  • Assisted reading devices

Let us know what you would like to read and we can choose the right items for you. Ask staff about ebooks and other electronic resources and devices available to our members. Those with access to internet and an electronic device can use the online resources available.

Visits are made monthly on a specified delivery day by the Library Courier with a staff member's help. We also offer a ''volunteer visitor" program which matches you with a volunteer who will select and deliver to you on a regular basis.

Membership is renewed every 12 months.

You will also be invited to various social events throughout the year, with transport provided.

Who's eligible?

This service is available to residents of the Woollahra municipality. A medical certificate or statement signed by a doctor will be required to assess your eligibility. For those outside of the municipality please contact your local library.

Library staff interview all applicants to assess eligibility and determine which service will suit their needs.

How to register

  1. Submit the online Home Library Service Application Form or complete the PDF Home Library Service Application Form.
  2. Library staff will arrange a phone interview to confirm your eligibility and determine your reading preferences.

For more information, please email hls@woollahra.nsw.gov.au or call 9391 7100.