Apartment and Strata Energy Savings

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Apartment & Strata Savings

Learn what you can do to help make your apartment building more sustainable.

Section 1: Apartment & Strata Energy Savings project - overview and application process.

Section 2: Waterwise Apartments - water and cost savings program for apartments - how to register.

Section 3: Resources to support Apartment Sustainability Projects including installing solar and electric vehicle chargers.

1. What is Apartment & Strata Energy Savings about?

Apartment & Strata Energy Savings is a free Council initiative to assist strata buildings to reduce energy and water use resulting in potentially thousands of dollars of savings per year.

Council will work with a select number of buildings to identify opportunities to reduce:

  • Operating costs
  • Common area energy use
  • Water use
  • Greenhouse gas emissions.

Why get involved?

Buildings selected to participate will receive free:

  • Energy efficiency assessments performed by industry specialists
  • Detailed reports clearly illustrating the financial case for upgrades
  • Participation in the Sydney Water Waterfix program
  • Implementation support.

Project goals

Apartment & Strata Energy Savings has a goal of reducing common area energy use in all participating buildings by 20%.

This is a pilot project with the goal of creating case studies to demonstrate to other strata buildings the benefits of conducting energy efficiency assessments and upgrades.

Who should apply?

We are looking for strata buildings committed to reducing energy use and saving on strata fees. We especially encourage applications from buildings with high energy bills and large communal facilities such as pools, gyms and underground car parks.

We invite interested residents and body corporates to submit an expression of interest to be involved in this sustainability project to save money and reduce energy consumption.

Selection criteria: successful applications will be those whose applications demonstrate high likelihood of implementing energy savings measures, opportunities for emissions reductions and the prospect of providing case studies for buildings with similar facilities.

How to apply

Registrations are now closed. Strata buildings interested in joining future rounds of the project can submit expressions of interest by completing the application form below.

Apartment & Strata Savings Initiative application form

Project process:

  1. Interested residents submit expression of interest application
  2. Council assesses expressions of interest and determines successful applicants
  3. Council organises and funds the energy assessments and reports
  4. Body corporate reviews energy saving options and determines implementation
  5. Council requests feedback from participants to create case studies to support other buildings interested in energy efficiency upgrades.

2. Waterwise Apartments

Water and cost savings program for apartments

Many apartment buildings are literally pouring money down the drain by unintentionally wasting water. The WaterFix® Strata service helps apartments save on water bills with simple fixes (average 30% savings!).

It’s an affordable tailored service for apartment blocks to:

  • Assess your building's water use performance
  • Fix leaks inside apartments and common areas
  • Install water-efficient devices in apartments.

How to take part? Simply register your building for a free water efficiency assessment, and Sydney Water will provide advice on next steps.

Find out more: Visit Waterwise Apartments

This initiative is a collaboration between Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils & Sydney Water.

Assessor checking water

3. Resources