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Save power in your home

Saving power means saving money and reducing your impact on our climate. You can learn more about saving power with these resources and programs:

Government subsidies and incentives

Save energy by installing LED lights

LED light bulbs

The NSW Government has launched the Energy Savings Scheme to help households replace old lights with new LED lights. The cost of the LED lights and the fee for installation is subsidised through an upfront discount from the installer.

As LED lights use only a fraction of the energy of incandescent or halogen lights, upgrading your home lights to LEDs is an easy, low cost way to save money. For example, if you change 20 halogen downlights to LED downlights, you can save up to $210 a year on energy costs and even more on maintenance as LEDs last longer.

Approved suppliers

Head over to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Household Rebates website and enter your post code to find an approved supplier in your area. Approved suppliers for the Energy Savings Scheme are known as Accredited Certificate Suppliers.

Accessing the offer

When you contact an approved supplier, they will assess your lighting needs either by phone or by in-person visit and give you a quote. When you receive a quote, the lighting offer discount should be clearly displayed. If it isn’t, you should request that it be included.

You will need to make a minimum payment for the lighting upgrade. For households, the minimum is $30 + GST. You may be required to pay more, depending on the design of your home and the services the supplier provides. It’s a good idea to request quotes from more than one supplier, to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Get the upgrade

Your supplier will send a licensed electrician to install the new lights. Old light globes, or any other equipment that is removed or replaced, will be recycled or disposed of by the supplier. This is to ensure that old, inefficient equipment is not used elsewhere.