Vision, structure and financial sustainability

In This Section

A vision for Woollahra

Woollahra will continue be a great place to live, work and visit where places and spaces are safe, clean and well-maintained.

Our community will offer a unique mix of urban villages with a good range of shops, services and facilities.

We will make the most of the natural beauty, leafy streetscapes, open spaces, views and proximity to the water and the city.

We will be a harmonious, engaged and connected community that looks out for each other.

Turning our vision into reality

We will:

  • prepare and implement a comprehensive and proactive planning program, which serves community needs and values and responds to regional and local issues,
  • provide a clear strategic framework for Council issue-based activities, in support of community needs and values and the objectives of the organisation,
  • co-ordinate the Council's planning and design functions, setting clear guidelines for Council activities as a service provider and regulator, and
  • liaise with and respond in a timely manner to internal and external customers and issues and provide a framework for prioritising action and allocating resources.

We are working hard to look after our customers and track our performance and make improvements.


Our community is represented by fifteen Councillors. There are three Councillors for each Ward within the local government area of Woollahra. See our Councillors page for Councillor contact details and a map of wards.

For a full list of all Councillors' details, download a copy of the 2021-2024 Councillors' Brochure.

Organisational structure

This Organisational Structure chart provides a summary of each Council Division and Management area with information on the services, facilities and support offered by each section.

Budget and Financial Sustainability

Council has a responsibility to manage its income, expenses and capital budget to ensure long term financial sustainability. This involves addressing our financial challenges and opportunities.

Integrated Planning and Reporting

In response to the NSW Government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, Council has developed a suite of documents including our Community Strategic Plan, Woollahra 2030, a combined Delivery Program & Operational Plan, a Resourcing Strategy (incorporating the Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Management Plan and Asset Management Strategy) and further also prepares an Annual Report.