Vision, structure and financial sustainability

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Our Community Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A thriving, inclusive, sustainable and resilient community that will benefit future generations.

Our Mission

To lead climate action and promote respectful connections between people and place, so we can enhance, protect and celebrate Woollahra’s beauty, heritage and quality of life, for the enjoyment of all.

We will do this by:

  • Prioritising carbon neutrality, environmental sustainability and community resilience to meet the challenges of climate change and social and economic wellbeing.
  • Acting as custodians and stewards of our highly-valued natural environment, including our harbour foreshore and marine ecosystems, and our leafy streetscapes and urban forest.
  • Acknowledging the Aboriginal custodianship of Woollahra and fostering greater community understanding and appreciation of our Aboriginal history, heritage and culture.
  • Celebrating the unique built heritage of our area by honouring it and furthering generational efforts to conserve it.
  • Creating opportunities for community connection, engagement and partnerships so we can be proud of our shared commitment and achievements.
  • Demonstrating our commitment to customer experience by being respectful, open, responsive, accountable and agile.
  • Building long term financial sustainability so we are in the best economic position to provide for the diverse needs of our community now and in the future.


Our community is represented by fifteen Councillors. There are three Councillors for each Ward within the local government area of Woollahra. See our Councillors page for Councillor contact details and a map of wards.

For a full list of all Councillors' details, download a copy of the 2021-2024 Councillors' Brochure.

Organisational structure

This Organisational Structure chart provides a summary of each Council Division and Management area with information on the services, facilities and support offered by each section.

Budget and Financial Sustainability

Council has a responsibility to manage its income, expenses and capital budget to ensure long term financial sustainability. This involves addressing our financial challenges and opportunities.

Integrated Planning and Reporting

In response to the NSW Government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, Council has developed a suite of documents including our Community Strategic Plan, Woollahra 2032, Delivery Program, Operational Plan, a Resourcing Strategy (incorporating the Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Management Strategy and Asset Management Strategy) and further also prepares an Annual Report.