Floodplain Risk Management Committee

In This Section

The Floodplain Risk Management Committee has been established as an advisory committee to assist Council in the development and implementation of floodplain risk management plans. The Floodplain Risk Management Committee reports to the Finance, Community & Services Committee.

The Floodplain Risk Management Committee in consultation with specialist consultants will develop floodplain risk management plans for all the major flood liable areas including Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Watsons Bay. The completed plans will allow Council to prioritise any required capital works, establish planning controls and set flood planning levels.

The Committee will also investigate the effects of sea level rise due to climate change on the established flood plain areas. The Floodplain Risk Management Committee consists of:

  • Councillor Matthew Robertson
  • Councillor Mary-Lou Jarvis
  • Councillor Mark Silcocks
  • A representative from the Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Council's Director - Technical Services
  • Council's Design & Investigations Engineer
  • Three local residents
  • A representative from the Waverley-Woollahra State Emergency Services (SES)
  • A representative from Sydney Water

For further information on the Floodplain Risk Management Committee and future meeting dates please contact:

Michael Casteleyn
Design Engineer (Drainage)
Telephone: 9391 7131
Email: michael.casteleyn@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives.