Animal Advisory Committee

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The Animal Advisory Committee has been established as an advisory body to assist with the refinement of general policies, programs, services and development of plans for the companion animals. The Committee reports to the Finance, Community & Services Committee.

The Animal Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Councillor Nick Maxwell
  • Councillor Mary-Lou Jarvis
  • Two local animal professionals (which may include, but is not limited to, a veterinarian, animal behaviourist, member of the NSW Animal Welfare League, member of the Companion Animal Reference Group)
  • Five local residents

Meetings of the Animal Advisory Committee may also be attended by representatives of interested groups or members of the public.

The Committee will meet twice a year at Woollahra Council Chambers. To find out the date of the next meeting please call 9391 7144.

Application for Membership of the Animal Advisory Committee (PDF)

Animal Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Animal Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

View Animal Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives.