Working parties and sub-committees

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Council staff, Councillors and community representatives are involved in a range of working parties and sub-committees that meet to discuss a range of community issues and Council projects, including:

Animal Advisory Committee

The Animal Advisory Committee has been established as an advisory body to assist with the refinement of policies and development of plans for companion animals.

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The role of the Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee (ARIC) is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Council on risk management, control, governance, internal audits, organisational performance and external accountability requirements and to achieve long term business sustainability and to assist the Council, General Manager and senior staff through its monitoring responsibilities relating to risk, compliance, governance, fraud prevention and the internal control environment.

Ecological Sustainability Task Force

The role of the Ecological Sustainability Task Force is to advise Council on the development, implementation and review of strategic and policy documents relating to ecological sustainability within the municipality.

Floodplain Risk Management Committee

The Floodplain Risk Management Committee has been established as an advisory committee to assist Council in the development and implementation of floodplain risk management plans.

Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee is to provide lived experience advice on the development, implementation, monitoring and review of Council policies, strategies, plans and infrastructure to assist in making the Woollahra LGA a pleasant place to live and move around for all.

Oxford Street & Paddington Working Party

The Oxford Street & Paddington Working Party (OS&PWP) is an advisory body. Its purposes are to assist with the revitalisation and reinvention of Oxford Street and Paddington, provide a mechanism for consultation with key stakeholders and advise on strategies and projects arising from the Oxford Street & Paddington Place Plan.

Paddington Heritage Conservation Area Working Party

To discuss matters relating to the Paddington Heritage Conservation Area.

Property Assets Working Party

The scope of the Working Party's activities is to consider existing Council owned and managed property assets and any potential future property assets.

Public Art Panel

The aim and role of the Public Art Panel is to advise and provide curatorial expertise to Council for The Public Art Gallery in its aim to collect, preserve, commission, display and promote works of art for the benefit, enjoyment and cultural advantage of the residents and visitors of the Municipality of Woollahra.

Rose Bay Beach Working Party

The meeting considers various matters relating to the Rose Bay Beach area and the waterways in the area.

Small Business Advisory Group

The Small Business Working Party purpose to promote and support small business and start-ups within the Woollahra Local Government Area.

Strategic Planning Working Party

The Strategic Planning Working Party provides direction on major strategic planning projects, including significant amendments to the Woollahra LEP 2014 and the Woollahra DCP 2015.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize Committee

This committee advises Council on the development and coordination of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.