Council meetings

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Council and Committee Meetings

Woollahra Council will be holding Council (i.e. Ordinary and Extraordinary) and Committee meetings (i.e. Environmental Planning (EP), Finance, Community & Services (FC&S) and Strategic & Corporate (S&C) in person.

Members of the public may attend Council and/or Committee Meetings in person or watch live online.

Council and Committee Meetings will be webcast and members of the public can watch and listen to meetings live (via Council’s website).

An audio recording of Council and Committee meetings will be uploaded to Council’s website by 5.00pm on the next business day.

Please read the disclaimer

By addressing  a Council or Committee meeting, members of the public consent to their voice, image and personal information (including name and suburb) being recorded and publicly available on Council’s website. Accordingly, please ensure your address to Council is respectful and that you use appropriate language and refrain from making any defamatory statements or discriminatory comments.

Woollahra Council does not accept any liability for statements, comments or actions taken by individuals during a Council or Committee meeting. Any part of the meeting that is held in closed session will not be recorded.

People connecting to this meeting by conferencing technology or teleconference are reminded that under the Local Government Act 1993, the recording of meetings by a member of the public using any electronic recording device including a mobile phone or video camera is not permitted. Any person found recording without the permission of Council may be expelled from the meeting.

The recording of each meeting will be retained on Council’s website for a minimum period of 6 months. After that period has passed, recordings of meetings may be disposed of in accordance with the State Records Act 1998.

Meeting details and procedure - COVID-19

A decision has been made for The Mayor, Councillors and staff to participate in meetings in person.

Please note due to spacing restrictions, there is insufficient room for members of the public to attend in person at this point in time.

Members of the public are invited to watch and/or listen to Council meetings live via Council's website.

If registering to address the the Council or Committee Meetings, members of the public must register by 10.00am on Monday (day of the meeting) by emailing  Public participation will be managed in accordance with meeting procedures.

Details on how to watch and listen to the meeting live will be available at Council Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes.

If you are experiencing any issues in joining the meeting please call (02) 9391 7001.

An audio recording of the meeting will be uploaded to Council’s website by 5.00pm on the next business day.

Read the Council meeting procedure and check the upcoming meetings calendar for current and future dates.

Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes

Agendas are available from 3pm on the Thursday before the meeting from the following location:

Council Agendas, Audio Recordings and Minutes

During COVID-19, audio recordings of Council meetings will be posted to Council's website by 5.00pm on the next business day.

Minutes will be available three business days after the meeting via Council's website.

Council members

  • Cr Susan Wynne, Mayor
  • Cr Isabelle Shapiro, Deputy Mayor
  • Cr Sean Carmichael
  • Cr Peter Cavanagh
  • Cr Luise Elsing
  • Cr Nicola Grieve
  • Cr Mary-Lou Jarvis
  • Cr Harriet Price
  • Cr Lucinda Regan
  • Cr Matthew Robertson
  • Cr Richard Shields
  • Cr Mark Silcocks
  • Cr Sarah Swan
  • Cr Merrill Witt
  • Cr Toni Zeltzer

The quorum for Council meetings is eight (8) Councillors.


Further information may be obtained by contacting Council's Governance Department on 9391 7001.