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What is a complaint?

A complaint is generally any expression of dissatisfaction with our policies and procedures, quality of service, fees and charges or follow-up communication.

We do not regard the following as complaints:

  • requests for service, such as collection of garbage or sweeping of streets
  • reports of damaged or faulty infrastructure such as blocked road drains or blown street lights
  • requests for information or explanation of policies, procedures and decisions
  • concerns about neighbours or neighbouring property such as barking dogs, loud music or unauthorised building work.

However, we do want to hear from you about any of these matters — and if we fail to provide the appropriate service, that is grounds for a complaint. For example, if you report a blocked drain and we fail to respond, then you have reason to lodge a formal complaint against us.

Lodging a complaint

Your response to our service and facilities is very important. We value customer feedback and use it to improve our organisation. We aim to meet the diverse needs of our customers by providing customer service that is friendly, helpful and professional.

We understand that we may not be able to satisfy everyone, on every occasion. If you are not satisfied with our service and you have a complaint, please contact us.

Generally, you can make a complaint in-person, by telephone, letter, or using our online contact form. For more complicated and serious matters, you may be asked to make a written submission. Any Councillor or member of staff can accept a complaint. When making a complaint, provide your name, address, contact telephone number and a brief description of the problem.

Once we have received your complaint, we pass it to the relevant section for action and response. Your complaint is also lodged with our Customer Services Manager, who will monitor the matter and make sure you get a timely response.

We aim to respond to your complaint within seven working days but sometimes it may take longer if the matter is complicated. If we anticipate a delay, we will acknowledge your complaint and let you know when a detailed response is likely.

If you require any guidance or assistance with our complaints handling system, please telephone the Customer Experience staff on 9391 7000, weekdays between 8am and 4:30pm.

For more information and details on taking your complaint further please read the Complaints and Unreasonable Complainant Policy.