Placemaking Grants

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Help make our places great!

Our Placemaking Grants program is about supporting business to enhance the experience of visitors to our shopping and commercial areas and contribute to them being vital public destinations.

Please read our Placemaking Grants Policy and Placemaking Grants Program: Guidelines and Selection Criteria for information about the program.

Our next round of Placemaking Grants is scheduled to commence 30 March 2020. Applications will be received up until 17 May 2020.

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About the program

Information about our Placemaking Grants program can be found in our Placemaking Grants Policy and Guidelines and Selection Criteria. Otherwise, see below about making making an enquiry.

The Placemaking Grants program is open for all of our shopping and commercial areas. Grants up to $7,500 will be offered once per year for placemaking initiatives.

Applying for Grants

Please read the Placemaking Grants Policy and Guidelines and Selection Criteria and then make an application - we are presently improving our application process and a new on-line application will soon be available.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your grant application.

Scope of projects

Placemaking projects

These include but are not limited to projects and activities which complement our own services and identified priorities in the areas of community focused economic development. Examples may include:

  • Public art projects
  • Promotion of shopping and commercial areas
  • Rejuvenation of shop fronts
  • Footpath displays, trading and dining
  • Activating vacant shop fronts
  • Footpath theatre - musical/theatrical

Other things interactive, inspiring, innovative and unique.

Placemaking Grants have now been allocated for a range of projects including:

  • Grant recipients 2018/2019 (PDF)
  • #OxfordstMeetShopEat - production of a promotional video - a film to engage, to promote Oxford Street’s uniqueness, to promote its difference, its boutique experience, its community
  • Perry Lane Art Project - public art works in the form of 2 painted wall murals - to create a space for public art that is both engaging and accessible to community groups
  • Watsons Bay Spring Markets - a large 120 stall gift and food market with international hot food options for lunch, as well as rides and activities for the kids in Robertson Park
  • Family Night Out - a family night of fun with a pop-up outdoor cinema in the Park for all to enjoy
  • Rose Bay Digital Summer Nights - this involves designing and creating a platform for community storytelling, historical discovery and collaborative learning through the production of an outdoor visual animation
  • French Week in Queen Street - numerous activities are planned in and around Queen St with a French theme including cultural, artistic and culinary events.


For more information, please contact:
Placemaking Woollahra
Telephone: 9391 7156
Fax: 9391 7044