Jumpstart Terms and Conditions

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Jumpstart Program: Terms and Conditions

  • Open only to not-for-profit groups based in the local area, with the majority of their activities taking place within the Woollahra Municipal Area
  • Groups may not have an existing, or have previously held, a MeetUp subscription, and should not have an established and active audience on social media.
  • Groups must clearly outline their aims and the activities they will undertake; and at their core these must seek to strengthen the sense of community in Woollahra
  • Groups must be open to all residents of the Woollahra Municipality
  • Groups must have a plan in place to raise funds for ongoing subscription fees (or have a robust alternative plan)
  • The partnership will only be entered into once; groups may not reapply once they have taken part in the 6 month program. 
  • There are no application deadlines; however, there are a finite number of partnerships available each financial year. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis until allocation is exhausted.
  • Indemnity and liability
    The identified Project/Event/Program Coordinator is responsible for the Risk Management Plan (where required) and sighting of all associated insurances. Partnership endorsement is subject to adherence to Council's risk management requirements. No party shall hold another liable for any damage, injury or cost incurred while working on this partnership, other than that outlined in this agreement.
  • Confidentiality and partnership recognition
    All parties shall not disclose information deemed confidential by any other parties. All confidentiality conditions shall apply to employees of each party.
  • All parties may publish material pertaining to the partnership subject to such publications acknowledging the partnership, being consistent with the partnership goal and being consistent with the Woollahra Municipal Council publication protocols including logo usage.
  • Dispute resolution
    In the event of dispute about matters covered by this agreement, the matter will be referred to Woollahra Municipal Council Community Services Division Managers for adjudication.
  • Force Majeure
    If for circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the parties involved, either is unable to perform any obligation under this partnership agreement, such party shall be relieved of that obligation and shall not be liable to the other party for non-performance.