Up the Wall Mural Project

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Up The Wall - Christison Park, Vaucluse

We are seeking artists to paint a sophisticated and site specific mural on the external surfaces of the water tank and pump room at Christison Park, Vaucluse.

Water tank at Christison park

Water tank and pump room, Christison Park, Vaucluse.

Project brief

The project involves artists developing and submitting their design, with the selected design to be painted by the artists as a large mural on the water tank and pump room at Christison Park, Vaucluse.

The tank is highly visible to park users, residents and visitors and the mural will make a strong visual impact and contribution to Christison Park.There is approximately 44sqm of area for mural work.

The artwork needs to consider the unique locality of the area and should address themes including but not limited to the local flora and fauna, vicinity to remnant bushland, cultural heritage and the harbour/headland location.

The artist selected will be paid $4,000 for their participation in this project.


  • Submissions open: 8 April 2019
  • Submissions close: 10 May 2019
  • Selection of artist: Late May 2019
  • Artist(s) informed: Late May 2019
  • Mural painting on site: June 2019

Please read the Up The Wall Mural Project - Mural Brief before making an online entry and for instructions about postal entries.

Up the Wall Mural Project online entry form

For more information contact Cultural Development on:
Phone: 9391 7135
Email: cultural@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

Robertson Park Mural

Artist Ignacia Querejeta was selected to paint his mural In the Park at Robertson Park,  Watsons Bay. The mural is part of the Up the Wall Project which has been an initiative that is advised on by the Cultural Committee.

In the Park best responded to the mural brief and is an abstracted combination of Australian birds, foliage and Eucalyptus blossoms.  The artist states that ‘the play of black and white with the green mimics the dappled light coming through the leaves, for a moment capturing our attention, distracting us from our daily routine and inviting us to be mindful of all the tiny details of nature which are so omnipresent in our Australian lives.

Robertson Park MuralRobertson Park Mural

South Street Mural

In a partnership with Sydney Trains, the South Street mural is painted along the rail wall by Rose Bay artist Gabrielle Somers. Gabrielle’s mural Networks is a Geodesic dome design, representing networks and connections.

Of the work Gabrielle says: The geodesic design is a highly mathematical and visual metaphor for networks and connections, be it social networks, physical networks or digital and cyber networks. South Street is a network hub; with people, their devices and transport co-existing and connecting. The artwork combines geometric and organic imagery and is fashioned to resemble a nest adding an inclusive and generous feel to the mural. The dome exists beyond the painted surface and is completed by the mind and its imagination. Furthermore, the colour design compliments and enlivens the streetscape and foliage nearby.

South Street 1South Street 2

Young Street Mural

In a partnership with the building owner,  the mural painted by artist Nastia Gladushchenko is located on the corner of Young and Oxford Street Paddington. Nastia’s mural Interwoven is comprised of the shapes of interwoven arms painted either in solid shapes or outlines in various shades of white that create an ombre effect on the Heritage green wall. Inspired by a series of photographs that Nastia took earlier this year, Interwoven blurs the boundaries between the human body and the natural environment. Nastia says: We are interwoven by the people we know, stories, events and simply the spaces we share. Paddington is a close knit community and to celebrate this, these arms connect with one another to form one unifed shape. Appearing to grow from the footpath, the shapes could be mistaken for the shadows of a tree and this illusion.

Young Street 1Young Street 2