Developments over $750,000

In This Section

All development applications, where the cost of carrying out development is $750,000 or more, must be accompanied by:

  • a professionally made scale model, and
  • a quantity surveyor's report attesting to the accuracy of the estimated cost of carrying out development

What must the scale model demonstrate?

The model must demonstrate the proposed built form and the built form of sites neighbouring and immediately adjoining the application site, in as much detail as reasonably possible. The model must demonstrate the proposed building in context with the topography and buildings that surround it and what has been approved on adjoining properties.

These models will assist Council in determining the impact of a development on the character of the area and neighbouring properties. Members of the community will also find the models useful during public exhibition or community consultation periods.

Models can be viewed at Council's Customer Service Centre during the public notification period.  Models must be collected within a period of fourteen days from the date the Notice of Determination is issued. Council may dispose of models once this collection period has expired.

Who must produce the Quantity Surveyor's report and what must it detail?

This requirement is imposed under clause 3.8 of Woollahra Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2011 (PDF, 2MB). The quantity surveyor's report in the format provided in Section 8 of the Development Application form must be carried out by a member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors engaged by or on behalf of the applicant, at the applicant's cost, where the estimated cost is $750,000 and above.

Can Council determine the estimate costs of development?

Yes, Council will use the report of the registered quantity surveyor to make its determination of the estimate cost of development but the determination is made by Council. Council is not bound by the estimate provided.

Can I appeal against the determined cost of development?

No, there is no right of appeal. Council's determination is final.