Nielsen Park

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Shark Beach at Nielsen Park Is Temporarily Closed

From 1 March 2022, Shark Beach, the promenade and restaurant/kiosk at Nielsen Park will be closed for nine months. The closure is happening so that NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service can replace the seawall, which has been in place for nearly 100 years. The beach is expected to reopen in time for summer 2022/23. For more details visit the Replacement of Nielsen Park seawall project page

Nielsen Park

This park forms part of Sydney Harbour National Park. It has outstanding views of Sydney Harbour and a swimming enclosure. For further information regarding Nielsen Park, visit NSW National Parks and Wildlife.

Getting here

Greycliffe Avenue, Vaucluse

Steele Point Road, Vaucluse Road and Greycliffe Avenue


  • Public telephone
  • Harbour swimming enclosure pool
  • Historic fortifications


Dogs are prohibited at all times.


Wood BBQs are prohibited at all times.


In 1911, the N.S.W. Government resumed the Bottle and Glass/Nielsen Park portion of what remained of the Vaucluse (Wentworth) Estate for public recreation - the area was administered for many years by the Nielsen - Vaucluse House Trust. The Park was named after the Hon. N.R.W. Nielsen, the Secretary (Minister) for Lands (1910-11).


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