Seasonal bookings

Applications invited for summer season use

Summer seasonal period: 1 October – 31 March / Winter seasonal period: 1 April – 30 September

Prior to the start of each season, we advertise in the Wentworth Courier inviting sporting groups, clubs and local schools to apply to use Woollahra’s sports grounds.

Sporting groups, clubs and schools that have used Council’s sports grounds during the previous summer season, will be forwarded an application pack, which includes the Sports field hire application form(PDF, 243KB) and Field Booking Template (email for a copy). Groups who may have been unsuccessful in obtaining use of a Council venue in the previous year will also be sent an application form.

Public Liability

The applicant must supply Council with a current Certificate of Currency showing Public Liability Insurance. The value must be at least twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) for each claim with this application.

Current Fees (apply until 30 June 2024)

Assessment of applications

In assessing ground hire applications we give preference to those groups which demonstrate majority participation by local residents, local schools, youth teams and girl sports. We also give favourable consideration to local hirers who have used our venues previously and have a history of abiding by any conditions applied to the use of the ground. We normally expect hirers to apply for use of the same grounds each year, however, when vacancies occur, we are then able to provide these places to new or expanding existing clubs.

Not all venues are able to be used for some sports as a result of

  • the size of the playing surface and
  • availability of infrastructure (e.g. goal posts, floodlights etc.)


All sports ground bookings for seasonal hirers cancelled as a result of wet weather or maintenance issues - in accordance with the conditions of hire, are entitled to a refund. Council must be notified within (48) hours of any wet weather cancellations throughout the season. Should the applicant fail to comply, Council holds no responsibility on reimbursement of the fee.

Any cancellations for change of mind will only be accepted within two (2) weeks of the date of this confirmation letter. Council must be notified in writing. Should the applicant fail to comply, Council holds no responsibility on reimbursement of the fee. Any cancellations after this two (2) week period, may NOT be eligible for a refund and will incur an administration fee

Park Hire Agreements

If your application is favorably considered, we will send you a Park Hire Agreement which will detail the ground booked, days and times of use and conditions for the use of the ground. You will be asked to sign and return the agreement in acceptance of the booking details and the ground hire conditions.

Keep us informed

Any alteration made to the initial seasonal booking must be made by emailing our Recreational Bookings Coordinator (contact details below). This does not include wet weather cancellations; refer to our Sports ground closures and wet weather procedure.

Good luck for the upcoming season.

Recreational Bookings Coordinator
Telephone: 9391 7077