Changerooms and keys

Locations where changerooms are available

Changeroom facilities are available for use in conjunction with sports ground hire at

Restricted access but keys are available

In some circumstances Council facilities such as changerooms are restricted to the general public and available only to sports ground hirers. These facilities are secured with a lock.

Where this occurs sporting groups are required to submit a $125 refundable deposit per key payable prior to the collection of keys by each club for the season. This amount is refunded at the end of the season when all keys are returned. Key deposits may be forfeited if keys are lost, damaged or not returned.

Collecting Keys

Collection of keys can be arranged by emailing Council's Recreational Bookings Coordinator once approval of the sports ground hire has been given. Keys must be returned after the end of the season.

Only Council locks to be used

Council padlocks on Council facilities are not to be removed and replaced with user groups’ own padlocks. Should this occur, Council will replace all unauthorised padlocks with its own locks. We need to get access to maintain the facilities. We will send a bill to any user for the cost of replacement padlocks.

Recreational Bookings Coordinator
Telephone: 9391 7077