Ground maintenance

Annual maintenance

Each year we undertake specialist turf renovation on our sports grounds to provide a quality playing surface and assist to maintain a high level of sports use to meet demand. Works undertaken includes weeding, fertilising, ground aeration, surface re-leveling and in some circumstances re-turfing high wear areas and introduction of new robust types of grasses.

Closures due to maintenance

Sometimes we need to close sports grounds to undertake these works. When this occurs we provide ground hirers as much advanced notice as possible.

Clubs contacting Council about maintenance

It is preferred only one designated person from each Club liaise with Council regarding the use of Council's sports grounds.

Urgent repairs

In situations where urgent and immediate sports surface repairs are required on Council sports grounds, contact the Recreational Bookings Coordinator (details below, 9391 7000 outside office hours).

Contact us about any sports ground issue

Please contact Council's Recreational Bookings Coordinator should you have any questions or problems throughout the season.

Recreational Bookings Coordinator
Telephone: 9391 7077