Online study help

Try these websites to help you with your study:

Ask now!
State Library of NSW information service: an Australia-wide online interactive library visit with the expertise of professional librarians. This live reference service is available 10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (not available weekends and public holidays.)

Bored of studies
Includes notes and past papers from more than 30 HSC subjects.

Charles Sturt University - HSC links
Excellent links to information on specific HSC subjects.

HSC Help
If you need more help, the State Library of New South Wales holds free HSC Help sessions for English, History, Legal Studies and Society & Culture twice a year.

Legal Studies Research Guide
Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) has a Legal Studies research guide for teachers and students of Legal Studies.

NSW Board of Studies
For past HSC examinations, syllabus and HSC candidate information.

Test Yourself - NSW Board of Studies
Test yourself with the Board of Studies online multiple choice questions for subjects in the HSC and School Certificate.