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Book of the Month: July 2024

Tipping Point by Dinuka McKenzie


The latest Detective Kate Miles novel finds her frustratingly sidelined from a case that has her estranged brother Luke as a person of interest. 

Weeks from Christmas in the sweltering heat of summer, Luke returns home to Esserton to farewell a childhood friend - Ant Reed, dead by suicide. Within days of the funeral, another young man, Marcus Rowntree, is found shot dead in the back paddock of his property. 

Almost twenty years ago, Luke, Ant and Marcus were best mates in high school and now two of the three friends are dead. A tragic coincidence? Or is there something more sinister connecting the three men? 

Battling accusations of conflict of interest, unwanted attention from the press, and uncomfortable truths about Luke's personal life and past events come to light, Kate is forced to contend between loyalty to the police force, and the bonds of friendship and blood. 

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Don't miss the chance to delve into this thrilling story and hear from the author herself at our upcoming panel discussion on Wednesday 24 July. Wine and Crime features three daring crime authors: Candice Fox, Dinuka McKenzie, and Petronella McGovern, hosted by Claudine Tinellis.

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Spotlight: Winter Warmer Cookbooks

Beatrix bakes: another slice by Natalie Paull


Bestselling baker Natalie Paull returns with Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice, an all-new compilation of colourful, creative recipes to delight fans and newcomers alike.

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The healthy slow cooker by Ross Dobson


Slow-cooked food is always easy and tasty but it can also be wholesome. The slow cooker gets a healthy makeover with 100 recipes for comforting food without sacrificing flavour.

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Ramen: 80 easy noodle bowls and broths by Makiko Sano


Learn the basics of broths and noodles, plus a range of add-ons to adapt as you like.

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Pasta every day: make it, shape it, sauce it, eat it by Meryl Feinstein


Pasta just might be the perfect comfort food. And it's well within your reach to make at home, anytime.

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Not just jam: the Fat Pig Farm book of preserves, pickles & sauces by Matthew Evans; with Michelle Crawford


Farmer, former chef and food critic Matthew Evans shares the art of preserving when the bounty is at its best.

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Book of the Month: June 2024

She is the Earth: a verse novel by Ali Cobby Eckermann


Book of the year winner at the recent NSW premier’s literary awards, She Is the Earth is the luminous new verse novel from celebrated poet Ali Cobby Eckermann. It charts a journey through grief and celebrates the healing power of Country. Soaked in lightness and dark, history and dreaming, She Is the Earth will move you, shake you, devastate you and uplift you.

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