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Book of the Month: March 2024


The Dog Sitter Detective by Antony Johnston

Retired actress Guinevere 'Gwinny' Tuffel is finding life hard after inheriting her late father's run-down house, and discovering she's broke. But Gwinny is delighted to be at Hayburn Stead for her best friend Tina's wedding to a handsome Italian business magnate. However, before they get the chance to declare “till death do us part” the husband-to-be is found dead in the library and Tina is accused of the murder.

Convinced of her friend's innocence, Gwinny takes it upon herself to sniff out the true culprit from a pool of larger-than-life suspects. While looking after Tina’s two high-maintenance pedigree Salukis, she is set to have a 'ruff' time of it.

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Spotlight: Pride

The In-Between by Christos Tsiolkas


Two middle-aged men meet on an internet date. Each has been scarred by a previous relationship; each has his own compelling reason for giving up on the idea of finding love. The In-Between is the tender, sensual and moving new novel from the award-winning and bestselling author of The Slap and Damascus. A compelling contemporary love story, told with grace, heart and wisdom.

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Green Dot by Madeleine Gray


A witty, profound and painfully relatable debut novel exploring solitude, desire, and the allure of chasing something that promises nothing.

With its daringly specific and intimate voice, Green Dot is a darkly hilarious and deeply felt examination of the joys and indignities of coming into adulthood against the pitfalls of the twenty-first century and the winding, tortuous, and often funny journey we take in deciding who we are and who we want to be.

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The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor


The widely acclaimed author of Real Life returns with a deeply involving new novel of young men and women at a crossroads. A novel of friendship and chosen family, The Late Americans is an exploration of sex, love, identity and politics.

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Mood: a memoir of love, identity and mental health by Roz Bellamy


Mood is a story about love, family and self-fulfilment, while living with mental illness. It's also a candid, absorbing inquiry into the self, and the rewards of embracing who you are, in all its complexity and contradictions. 

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Not Like Other Dads by Sean Szeps


What happens when the traditional parenting rules simply don't apply? Not Like Other Dads is a raw, rollicking memoir about gay parents raising kids without a map - or nap. Hilarious and tender, Sean's story helps all of us celebrate who we really are ... empowering straight and queer parents alike to rewrite the parenting script.

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