Save Power

Saving power means saving money and reducing your impact on our climate.

Government subsidies and incentives 

Energy star ratings

The NSW Government Household energy saving upgrades program provides support to reduce your household energy use and cut your power bills. This includes upgrading existing appliances and energy equipment throughout your home to more energy efficient models. The program supports homes and small business to upgrade:

  • air-conditioning
  • hot water
  • lighting
  • pool pumps

Use your garden to cool your home

Establishing shade trees on your property now will help your home and garden stay cool during the hotter and longer summers that are expected as the climate warms.


These non-profit groups have a wide range of resources step-by-step guides to support your energy saving projects.

  • Clean Energy Council - free online resources and guides designed to help you install solar power and batteries, select quality products and find accredited installers.
  • Energy Consumers Australia - easy to follow guides for installing solar and batteries, buying and using an electric vehicle and going off-grid.
  • Renew - online resources, booklets and magazines on topics such as installing solar, choosing an air-conditioner, reducing your heating and cooling costs and selecting a new hot water system.

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