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Woollahra News

Woollahra News

Latest news from Council and a celebration of the people and places that make our local area great.

12 editions per year.

What's On Woollahra

What's On - Calendar of events

Highlights of Council and other community events happening in the local area.

12 editions per year.

Our Environment

Our Environment

Promoting local environmental issues, projects, events and building a sustainable future.

12 editions per year.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize e-News

Information for artists, exhibition news, event highlights and special announcements.

6 - 8 editions per year.

Woollahra Library News

Latest news from Council's libraries, event highlights, book reviews, author interviews and special giveaways.

12 editions per year.

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Library Spotlight

Woollahra Library Spotlight

What should you read next? Find out what's new on the shelves, staff picks and classic reads by genre.

12-14 editions per year.

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Digital Literary Award

Woollahra Digital Literary Award e-News

Information for writers, key dates, news, event highlights and special announcements for this Award.

6 editions per year.

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