Public Art Panel

In This Section

The Public Art Panel (previously the Public Art Trust established in 2012) was established with the aim to advise and provide curatorial expertise to Council for The Public Art Gallery to collect, preserve, commission, display and promote works of art for the benefit, enjoyment and cultural advantage of the residents and visitors of the Municipality of Woollahra.

The Committee reports to Council’s Finance, Community & Services (FC&S) Committee. 

The Panel will consist of:

Woollahra Councillors
The Mayor of Woollahra
Up to one (1) Woollahra Councillor.

Community Representatives
Director, Community and Customer Experience
Manager, Community and Culture
Public Art Coordinator
General Manager (optional)
Relevant Council staff will attend meetings to provide advice as required.

Community Representatives

At least three (3) but no more than four (4) community representatives with proven expert knowledge in the arts or have a responsible position in the community and be appointed by the Mayor.

View the Public Art Panel Terms of Reference.

Public Art Panel Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the Public Art Panel will be available following confirmation.

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives.