Walking your dog

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Where to walk your dog

Taking your dog for a walk is the perfect way to have fun and stay fit. It is also an effective way to reduce barking problems and socialise your dog.

Whether you want your dog to have a run off the lead or you want to take them for a swim, Woollahra has somewhere for you and your dog to enjoy.

You must keep your dog on a lead at all times when in public unless in a sign-posted off-leash area. The penalty may exceed $330.

Remember to take a bag or two to pick up your dog's poo because no one likes stepping in it. The penalty may exceed $275.

Dogs are welcome at many different parks and reserves in Woollahra. The information below outlines where dogs are allowed off-leash, on-leash and areas where they are prohibited.

Off-leash areas

SuburbPark Off-leash times Prohibited areas
Darling Point Yarranabbe Park At all times Children's playground
Double Bay Steyne Park (Northern End) At all times (except during organised sailing events) Children’s playground
Double Bay Lough Playing Fields Between 4:30pm – 8:30am  
Double Bay Lower Cooper Park Between 4:30pm – 8:30am  
Paddington Royal Hospital for Women Park Between 3:30pm – 10:30am Prohibited 10am – 8pm Sundays
Rose Bay Dumaresq Reserve Between 4:30pm – 8:30am  
Rose Bay Rose Bay Foreshore (between Dumaresq Reserve and Percival Park) At all times  
Rose Bay Lyne Park Between 3:30pm – 10:30am  
Rushcutters Bay Rushcutters Bay Park Between 3:30pm – 10:30am Children’s playground
Vaucluse Christison Park Between 3:30pm – 10:30am  
Vaucluse Lighthouse Reserve At all times

Where dogs are allowed at all times on a leash

Dogs are permitted in the following Council-owned parks and reserves at all times, but only on a lead.

SuburbPark Prohibited Areas
Bellevue Hill Bellevue Park  
Bellevue Hill Cooper Park  
Darling Point Darling Point Reserve  
Double Bay Steyne Park  
Paddington Trumper Park (excluding the Oval playing surface)  
Paddington Harris Street Reserve, Paddington  
Rose Bay Woollahra Oval (excluding the playing surface) & Playing Fields  
Rose Bay Rose Bay Park & beach  
Vaucluse Samuel Park, Vaucluse  
Vaucluse Signal Hill Reserve, Vaucluse  
Watsons Bay Camp Cove Reserve  
Watsons Bay Gibsons Beach – only permitted on lead on footpath Beach and reserve
Woollahra Woollahra

Where dogs are prohibited at all times

There are some parts of our local area where dogs aren’t allowed.

Dogs are generally prohibited, by the Companion Animals Act 1998, from the following public areas:

  • children's play areas - dogs must not enter a playground and must be a minimum of 10 metres from any playing equipment provided for children.
  • food preparation/consumption areas - dogs must be a minimum of 10 metres from any area where food is prepared or consumed unless the food is being consumed in an outdoor dining area. In this case, a dog is permitted to be in the area as long as it is leashed, on the ground, and is not fed by the owner. If the outdoor dining area is within an off-leash dog park, the dog is permitted to be unleashed, fed, and sit on the owner's lap as long as they do not make contact with any utensils or the table and chairs.
  • childcare centres, school grounds and shopping complexes.

In addition, Council has prohibited dogs, even from being on lead from the following parks, reserves and public places:

  • Blackburn Gardens, Double Bay
  • Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay
  • Double Bay Beach, Double Bay
  • Percival Park, Rose Bay
  • Gap Park, Watsons Bay
  • Robertson Park, Watsons Bay
  • Chiswick Gardens Reserve, Woollahra
  • McKell Park, Darling Point
  • Parsley Bay Reserve, Vaucluse
  • Nielsen Park, Vaucluse
  • Trumper Park Oval playing surface
  • Gibsons Beach - dogs permitted only on lead on the footpath
  • Woollahra Oval playing surface
  • Tingira Memorial Park and beach, Rose Bay