Camp Cove Beach

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COVID-19 safety

Our beaches, harbourside pools and parks are open.

To provide increased evening exercise opportunities for our residents, sports lighting is currently activated from 6.45pm - 8.30pm Monday to Friday at all of our sportsgrounds: Andrew Petrie Oval and Woollahra Oval 2 and 3 (Woollahra), Christison Park (Vaucluse), Trumper Oval (Paddington) and Lyne Park (Rose Bay).

Please maintain good hygiene and social distancing when using our fitness equipment and playgrounds. Masks are no longer required in outdoor settings.

For updates on outdoor gathering restrictions, visit NSW Health.

Our staff and security personnel will be monitoring crowds at the Woollahra Council beaches and parks. If these locations reach full capacity to the extent where social distancing requirements cannot be met, we will need to stop public entry until people leave the location and more space becomes available. Check our social media and VMS boards in our popular recreational locations for updates.

We hope you enjoy our outdoor places and spaces.

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Camp Cove Beach is one of Sydney Harbour’s finest sandy beaches, located adjacent to the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Getting here

23B Victoria Street, Watsons Bay

Limited street parking from Cliff Street and Victoria Street


  • Beach
  • Kiosk
  • Showers


Dogs are prohibited at all times


  • Accessible parking at Cliff Street car park (Managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service)


  • Spearfishing and the lighting of fires is prohibited.
  • Smoking
  • For the protection of swimmers a boat exclusion zone is in force



The Watsons Bay area provided abundant fish, shellfish and food for the local Aboriginal community in a sheltered environment. Rock engravings in the area depict a range of marine creatures including whales and fish. There is also a rock shelter at the northern end of the Camp Cove Beach that shows evidence of habitation by the local Aboriginal people.

European Occupation

Governor Phillip and the First Fleet rested for a night in Camp Cove before landing at Sydney Cove in 1788. The bountiful nature of the area was also recognised by the early European settlers and a fishery was set up nearby in 1792 to help feed the new settlement at Sydney Cove.