Double Vision, digital art screen in Double Bay

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Double Vision

About the project

‘Double Vision’ is a public art project partnership between Woollahra Council and UNSW Epicentre. The digital screen, installed under the escalators to the Woollahra Library (Kiaora Place) in Double Bay will feature a range of varied content, such as data visualisation art from Epicentre, local historical images, new media/ digital artworks and content relating to a broad range of different programs and projects, such as our Artist in Residence program, the Youth Photographic Award and Short Film Prize. The screen set up will also provide the opportunity for interactive content, to create a different engagement with the audience. The content on the Double Vision digital screen will change approximately every two months.

Choreographer and Dancer Wendy Yu’s thought-provoking and mesmerising video art is currently on display on Double Vision until the end of January.

For more information on the public art project, or you would like to be involved, please email or call 9391 7102.

This project is a digital public art collaboration with UNSW EPICentre

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