Rejection at lodgement

Less than 1% of all applications lodged are rejected at lodgement. Avoid being affected by making sure you prepare your application and submit all the required materials.

When will we reject an application at lodgement?

We will reject any application at lodgement, or within either 7 or 14 days as required, where:

  • the application is illegible or unclear as to the development consent sought, or
  • the application does not contain the relevant information specified in 'Application requirements' March 2022 prepared by NSW Department of Planning & Environment
  • the application does not contain any other relevant matter listed in clause 24 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021

See our Development Application (DA) Guide(PDF, 1MB) for more information about what is required or review the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021.

What is the effect of a rejection at lodgement?

The legal effect of rejection is that the application is taken, for the purposes of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, never to have been made.

Can I appeal against a rejection at lodgement?

No. Council has complete discretion to reject incomplete applications. There are no rights of appeal.

What happens to any fees paid?

Council will refund all the fees paid. If the applicant's cheques have not been cashed they will be sent back with the rejected application. If payments are receipted we will draw a cheque made payable to the applicant and post it out either with, or following the rejection notice.