Disclosure Log of access applications

A Disclosure Log is a record containing details of Council’s information already released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

Council's Disclosure Log is prepared in accordance with Section 25 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, and includes details of information released in response to Formal Access Applications.

The Disclosure Log is a record of Formal Access Applications to Council that may be of interest to other members of the public, in accordance with the GIPA Act. Details are entered into the Disclosure Log when the Access Application has been determined and any relevant review time limits have expired.

The Disclosure Log does not include details of Access Applications where the released information was not considered of interest to other members of the public, or the information has been released by Council in other ways (proactive release, open access or informal request).

The purpose of this log is to record the following information about each access application:

  • The date the application was decided
  • A general description of the information that was released in response to the application
  • Whether the information has been redacted and how the information can be accessed.

Disclosure Log(PDF, 277KB)

The Disclosure Log is updated when Council completes its GIPA Annual Report, at the end of October each year. It may also be updated from time to time throughout the year.