Permits and approvals

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Development application

A Development Application, commonly known as a DA, is a process of seeking approval from local council to carry out development such as building work.

There are many different business situations where a business premises need a Development Applications (DA), for example, a new business opening up for the first time or proposing a change in activities for an existing business or conducting substantial changes to fit-outs.

Please visit Council’s Building and development page for further information.

Find relevant Council forms and checklists.

Footway dining approval

Council supports and encourages footway dining as a means of creating a vibrant community and creating opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper.

The NSW Government has made changes to streamline the approval process for outdoor dining during a trial period from 1 December 2020 to 31 December 2023. During this time, food and beverage businesses are not required to apply for development consent. However, a footway dining approval is required from Council under section 125 of the Roads Act 1993.

Find the Footway dining approval application form.

Display of goods on footway

Council supports and encourages the display of goods on the footway as a means of creating a vibrant streetscape and opportunities for businesses to active their shop front.

To ensure that the display of goods are operated in a safe and appropriate manner, business operators may submit an application for Display of Goods Footway Approval and enter into an agreement with Council.

Parklet trial program

Council has initiated a Parklet Trial Program. This program enables any business with an existing footway dining approval to apply to use kerbside parking space for additional outdoor dining. Hospitality businesses without an existing footway dining approval can apply for a footway dining licence to become eligible for this trial program.

Find the online application form and the Parklet Trial Program Guidelines.