Kids’ art transforms local garbage trucks

Published on 02 December 2021

Olivia D’Alisa, Year 1, Glenmore Rd Public School, was a winner in this year's kids truck art competition

Our local garbage trucks have a colourful new look thanks to creative local children.“I loved drawing all the worms and fruit,” said Olivia D’Alisa from Glenmore Road Public School, pictured with her winning artwork 'Compost Matters'.

The winners of our Kids’ Truck Art competition have had the chance to see their artworks on a large-scale, after five winning artworks were printed on local garbage trucks for all to see.

This year's competition invited local primary school students to create an artwork around the theme “Create Compost, Not Landfill” to highlight that food scraps can be put into green-lid wheelie bin at home, to create nourishing compost instead of landfill.

A total of 120 entries from eight local schools were received.

Winners were selected by Mayor of Woollahra Cr Susan Wynne with the prize of a $50 book voucher for each winner.

The five winning entries were:

  1. Jasper James, Kindergarten, The Scots College (Compost, everyone can compost!)
  2. Olivia D’Alisa, Year 1, Glenmore Road Public School (Compost Matters)
  3. Leila Lewis,Year 6, Reddam House (Compost!)
  4. Josephine van Zyp, Year 1, Vaucluse Public School (From garbage to compost)
  5. Jai Smith, Year 1, Vaucluse Public School (It’s compost time!)

Josephine van Zyp

Josephine van Zyp from Vaucluse Public School with her winning artwork 'From garbage to compost'.

“We had such a great response from local school students and we hope their creative ideas and images inspire our community to get involved with composting and help look after our precious environment,” Woollahra Council General Manager Craig Swift-McNair said.

Glenmore Road Public School had the highest number of entries with 45 artworks submitted.

Jai Smith

Jai Smith from Vaucluse Public School with his winning artwork 'It’s compost time!'

Winner Jai Smith said he felt incredibly happy to see his picture on the truck and was curious about how it would look.

“I couldn't believe it! I was very proud to have my big, big, giant picture on the rubbish truck!” Jai said.

The competition also aimed to encourage conversations about composting and recycling in the classroom and inspire children to think about how composting and recycling can help the environment.

Leila Lewis winner in kids truck art competition

Leila Lewis from Reddam House with her winning artwork 'From garbage to compost'.

Winner Leila Lewis said she had fun creating the artwork for the competition and hoped it will help get the composting message out to the community.

“It looked super cool on the truck and was stoked to have it there. I also hope that it can help promote recycling your waste, to make a bigger impact towards our environment,” Leila said.

Jasper James

Jasper James from The Scots College with his winning artwork 'Compost, everyone can compost!'

A further 10 entries were acknowledged for their creativity; with four named as Runners Up and six artworks Highly Commended including:

Runners Up:

  • Elena Casanova, Year 3, Woollahra Public School
  • Giselle Overton, Year 6, Kambala School
  • Lilah Sarich, Year 5, Rose Bay Public School
  • Aish Khurram, Year 3, Ascham School

Highly Commended:

  • Raphael Harris, age 7, The Scots College
  • Joshua Clark, age 9, The Scots College
  • Colby Cuo, age 9, The Scots College
  • Andrew Nguyen, age 6, The Scots College
  • Mila Georgiou, age 10, Rose Bay Public School
  • Gabrielle Singh, age 7, Rose Bay Public School

kids truck art group photo

Bringing the compost message to life: competition winners Josephine van Zyp, Leila Lewis and Jasper James (front) with council staff Joe Agudera and Nik Siasau (back).

Winners received a $50 book voucher, runners received a $25 book voucher and the school with the most entries Glenmore Road Public School received a $200 prize.