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If we don't have the item you are looking for, you can request an inter-library loan, or suggest an item for the library to purchase.

Request online

  1. Go to our item request form and follow the prompts
  2. You will have the option to select an inter-library loan or an item for purchase
  3. Press 'Submit'
  4. We will contact you when the item is ready

Charges may apply. All relevant fees are clearly outlined on the item request form.

Other options

Call us on 9391 7100 or visit us in person.

What is an inter-library loan?

We participate in inter-lending with other libraries and institutions, including:

  • Public libraries
  • Educational institutions
  • Special libraries
  • State libraries
  • The National Library of Australia

Any member of our libraries with full membership status can request an inter-library loan. We will contact you when the item is ready. Most requests take between 2-6 weeks, however this can vary.

Inter-library loans fees - per item (non-refundable and payable upon fulfilment of request)
Non-charging libraries (Public Libraries) - Adults $3.20
Non-charging libraries - Seniors and Children $1.60
Charging libraries (Non-Public Libraries) $28.50

You can now pay online for library services.