Disclosure log of access applications

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What is a disclosure log?

A disclosure log is a record containing details of Council’s information already released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). A disclosure log is part of the open access information that Council is required to make publicly available.

What is the purpose of a disclosure log?

Disclosure logs provide access to information for people who want the same or similar information as previous applicants, and would otherwise have to make formal access applications. A disclosure log also helps Council to identify information that could be proactively released.

What information is required to be kept in the disclosure log?

The disclosure log must contain the following details:

  • the date that the access application was decided,
  • a description of the information provided,
  • whether any of the information is now publicly available and, if so, how it can be accessed.

The disclosure log does not have to include the following information:

  • information on applications for personal information regarding the applicant,
  • information about applications where factors involving the applicant were a consideration in whether or not the disclosure of the information was in the public interest.

When is information entered into the disclosure log?

Details are entered into the disclosure log when the access application has been decided, and any review time limits have expired.

At present Council has not received any access applications for information that is not already publicly available through the Mandatory Proactive Release or Authorised Proactive Release provision of the GIPA Act. In view of this, Council does not have a Disclosure Log to publish at present. 

Council’s Disclosure Log will be published on this page following determination of any formal access applications received by Council for information that may be of interest to members of the public.