Domestic rubbish collection

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How does this service work?

Each single dwelling should have an official Council 120L red-lid bin, while multi-unit dwellings should have shared 240L red-lid bins for the weekly collection. Residents in Paddington and West Woollahra have the choice between a 120L red-lid bin or up to two 55L bins, which are also collected weekly.

To find your rubbish collection day, search for your property in our Rubbish Collection Day map.

What to do if your bin is lost, damaged or stolen?

If your bin has been lost, damaged or stolen, contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9391 7000. A Customer Services Officer can assist you in placing an order and a new bin will be delivered within 7 working days.

Missed services

If your bin has not been collected for any reason on the scheduled collection day, please call Council's Customer Service on 9391 7000 and provide details. Your call will be recorded in our Customer Request System and collection arranged within 3 working days.

How to ensure your rubbish is collected

  • Ensure your rubbish is presented in an official Council issued bin or it will not be collected.
  • Wheel your bin to the kerb the night before service in an accessible position with the front facing the road (handles facing rear towards your house).
  • Remove your bin from the kerb within 12 hours of being collected.
  • Store bins on your property. Do not store bins in the street, footpath or in a back lane.
  • Do not overfill your bin. Make sure the lid is closed to avoid spillage and attracting vermin.
  • Do not put additional bundles or bags of garbage next to your bin. It is considered as illegal dumping, it will not be collected and could incur a fine exceeding $535.
  • Do not put building materials, such as sawdust, bricks, tiles or timber, in your bin.
  • Fines, starting at $535, apply for non-compliance with the above procedures.

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