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Special event bins

Order Council Special Events Bin/s for occasions where you might expect additional waste to be generated like a party or a clean-up before or after moving house. We can also provide bins for recycling paper and bottles upon your request (recycling is collected on your normal, weekly pick up day).

Special Events Bins are delivered, emptied and removed Monday to Friday only. At least five days notice is required for all bookings. The current charge, valid until 30 June 2019, is $90.00 for delivery of 1 - 5 bins and $24.00 per bin empty.

You may keep the bin/s for a maximum of two weeks and have them emptied more than once during this time. Each time bin/s are emptied, a charge of $24.00 is incurred.

To use this service, please call our Customer Service Centre on 9391 7000. We will take your details and you can pay by credit card (payments must be made prior to receiving bin/s).

Additional Weekly Domestic Waste Service

Every residential property is required to have a domestic waste service. The annual charge for this service is set by the Council annually when it determines its rates. The current charge, which is valid until 30 June 2019, is $513.90. This provides for the collection of one 120 litre rubbish bin each week (Paddington and West Woollahra residents can choose between one 120 litre bin or up to two 55 litre bins per week).

Council is committed to sustainable waste management which promotes avoiding the creation of waste where possible and recovering recyclable resources. If you are doing as much as you can to avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle but still believe you require an additional domestic waste service, you must go through an application process with Council. This may include a waste audit of your current bin to determine your eligibility for an additional bin. If successful, the additional service will incur an annual charge of $642.60. Prior to making an application, consider the following:

  • are you placing all food scraps into your green wheelie bin along with garden refuse for recycling?
  • are you are recycling as much as possible in your yellow-lid recycling bin?
  • do you need more recycling capacity - upgrade to a 240L recycling bin?
  • consider alternatives to waste disposal like composting or worm farming which can reduce waste by 50%

To make an application, you will need to:

  • complete the application form
  • get the owner's written consent to the additional service by signing the application form
  • submit the completed application to the Council.

Owner consent is required as the owner is responsible for the payment of the charge in conjunction with payment of rates.

After your application has been thoroughly assessed, you will be informed as to whether or not you have been successful in your request for an additional waste service.

Special pick up of household goods

We provide scheduled clean-up for household goods, however, if you wish to have items collected at other times, we can provide a special pick up service for a charge.

A standard charge of $47.50 applies to all items.

Some typical examples of items collected are:

  • Coffee table or dining table or the like
  • Dining chairs (multiples of 4 or part)
  • Range-top or microwave or wall oven or stove
  • Washing machine or dryer or the like
  • Refrigerator or dishwasher or the like
  • Dresser or wardrobe or the like
  • Bed or mattress or the like

We will collect other items of similar size or weight for similar amounts. If you have a large volume of household goods, we will provide a quotation for you.

To use this service, please complete the Paid collection of household goods (PDF) application form. Alternatively, call our Customer Service Centre on 9391 7000. We will take your details and you can pay by credit card.