Display of goods on footpath

In This Section

Footway approvals are issued by Council for the purposes of the limited display of shop goods.

The footway goods display of shop goods must occupy an area of footway adjacent to approved premises, where the use of such footway is directly related to the operation of the business. The operations must be conducted in accordance with the conditions of the relevant development consent or activity approval and relevant Acts.

The operator of the business having development consent and wanting to occupy the footway is required to make an Application for Display of Goods Footway Approval (PDF) and enter into a Footway Approval agreement with Council.

Limited shop goods display on the footway requires approval under Section 68 (E) 2 of the Local Government Act 1993. Permanent structures are not permitted. This is discussed in more detail in Council document Policy and Procedures for Display of Goods (PDF).

Relevant legislation