Recreation Needs Assessment Study

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Recreation Needs Assessment and Strategy

Council takes a lead role in the planning and provision of recreation services and facilities for the municipality. The development of the Woollahra Recreation Needs Assessment and Strategy (PDF) provides Council with an up-to-date understanding of the community’s recreation needs, existing opportunities and relevant trends impacting on recreation services or facility provision.  Some recommendations / actions from this strategy include:

  • Council to recognise, actively promote and build on the high level of community satisfaction with Woollahra’s open spaces, through on-going park improvements and infrastructure developments
  • Consider opportunities to provide additional facilities to support informal recreational use of parks
  • Investigate opportunities to improve public safety in parks through improved path surfaces, lighting and opportunities for casual surveillance of open space areas
  • Investigate opportunities for the installation of youth friendly infrastructure
  • Upgrade the sports training lights at various ovals to cater for the high demand for sports lighting to accommodate night training and manage sporting club use. Ensure lighting design minimises light spillage to surrounding areas in accordance with Australian Standard 4282/1997 “Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting.”
  • Work with clubs to educate them regarding field carrying capacity, impacts of training patterns and encourage greater responsibility in the club use of facilities.
  • Woollahra Bike Plan (PDF, 1.7 MB): Review and implement, as this will provide opportunities for shared walking/cycle trails