Our harbour’s amazing marine life on show during Summerama events

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Marine Biologist, Will Jones, shares some facts about the Common Sydney Octopus and Sea Hare at one of our Rockpool Ramble events at Nielsen Park


Published 13 February 2020

This year’s Summerama events have been popular and filled with excitement once again.

Families enjoyed the chance to get up close to some of the amazing creatures found in local rockpools and snorkelling spots.

Here are some of our discoveries during a Rockpool Ramble session at Nielsen Park.

Pencil Urchin
Pencil Urchin

Sea Hare on rock
Sea Hare

Wandering anemone
Swimming Anemone

Common Sydney Octopus
Common Sydney Octopus.

These events are a great way to educate our community, particularly kids, about the diversity and importance of our harbour and its marine life. You can learn more about our marine life on Underwater Sydney.

It’s up to all of us to help protect this amazing biodiversity by picking up rubbish whenever we see it – particularly when we’re at the beach or near the harbour.

Rose Bay Beach clean up event

Join us on Clean up Australia Day (Sunday 1 March, 8am-10am) at our Rose Bay Beach clean up.

Come along with family, friends and neighbours, grab a bag and some gloves and help us remove rubbish to protect our incredible harbour and marine life. There’ll be a scavenger hunt with prizes, a multimedia display about ocean pollution, trivia and free coffee!

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