Celebrate International Women’s Day with us

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with us

Published 2 March 2020

We’re hosting a special event on Friday 6 March to bring women living and working in Woollahra together to celebrate and come away with a positive view of how the future can be brighter for all women.

The universal theme for International Women’s Day 2020 is ‘Each for Equal’, encouraging each individual to take personal responsibility to actively challenge stereotypes and improve the situation of women to create a gender equal world.

Cindy Carpenter, a long time Woollahra resident, strategy consultant and social entrepreneur, will speak at the event and share her knowledge and insights in supporting a range of organisations, from management consulting to legal firms to sporting codes, to create equal opportunity for girls and women.

Guest speaker Cindy Carpenter

Cindy says one thing she’s passionate about in this space is helping people understand that ‘equal’ does not mean ‘same’. As a response to her work in sports she says:

“Often what girls and women need is equal respect for appreciating and putting in place what they need to succeed and this may be different to what boys and men need to succeed.

“For example, many girls and women really value the social side of team sport – if training and playing is overly focused on individualism they can find that alienating and drop out of the sport (even high performance female players).

“So, while it is vital to insist on equal pay, equal conditions etc, we also need to insist on equal respect for women's needs and that they may differ from men's and require a different approach. Being confident to articulate and champion our differing needs is a really important message for girls and women!”

Cindy’s speech will be followed by an opportunity to network on the Redleaf terrace with drinks and canapés.

There’ll also be the chance to participate in some fun, informal activities, including preparing a tree for planting, where women will be invited to write a message in response to the question: What would you tell your younger self? The notes will then be attached to the new tree which will be planted in Blackburn Gardens for all to visit at a later date.

Cindy says she would tell her younger self: “Never be afraid to go for ‘gold’ rather than ‘bronze’ in everything that matters most, from education to career to relationships to social purpose and to joyousness,”.

International Women’s Day Celebration
Friday 6 March 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Woollahra Municipal Council, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay

FREE event. Register now

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