'No Jumping' signs installed on Parsley Bay suspension bridge

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'No Jumping' signs installed on Parsley Bay suspension bridge
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Published 21 August 2019

Parsley Bay Reserve is a favourite amongst locals who enjoy the picturesque scenery of Sydney Harbour, especially from the beautiful suspension bridge. Council has updated and installed additional signs along the Parsley Bay suspension bridge to increase awareness of the dangers of jumping off the bridge, and to promote public safety.

Tucked away in Vaucluse, Parsley Bay Reserve features some fascinating natural and built elements including the suspension bridge, which was built in 1910 by the then Vaucluse Council at a cost of 500 pounds. It was designed in-house by the town clerk and engineer, Edwin Sautelle, who later served as a Mayor.

The bridge has become a distinguishing feature of the local area. More recently it has been reported that some teenagers have been jumping from the bridge into the water below, which is subject to changes of the tide. It isn't possible to assess the depth of the water underneath the bridge by sight.

We have recently installed additional signs at either end of the bridge and on the bridge warning people not to jump and that ignoring the warnings may result in serious and permanent injury.

Council’s Risk Manager Cheryle Burns and Manager of Engineering Services, Aurelio Lindaya wanted to issue the warning on the risks of jumping off the bridge. “We want people to come to Parsley Bay and enjoy a great day in the park and on a warm day it’s an ideal swimming spot. What we don’t want is people injuring themselves. Jumping from the bridge is not allowed and it a risk we don’t want anyone taking,” Cheryle Burns said.

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    Local places and faces; Vaucluse

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