Garage Sale Trail returns 19 and 20 October

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Published 5 November 2019

Garage Sale Trail is happening right across Australia on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October 2019. It’s a big weekend encouraging us to put secondhand first and minimise our impact on the planet.

Register to host your own Garage Sale on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October 2019. It's FREE and anyone can do it, whether you’re a household, community group, a whole street, school or even a local business. You can fundraise for a cause or make yourself a few extra dollars, or simply declutter your space and free your mind.

Every garage sale has a unique style and gets a sale page that provides clues to who's involved and what’s on offer. Likewise, shoppers can search for sales, items of interest and make your own Trail of favorite sales to checkout.

Garage Sale Trail happens each year across the country and nearly 400,000 bargain hunting, reuse loving Australians shop and sell at more than 18,000 garage sale events Australia-wide. Host a sale to clear your space and make a small profit. Shop the trail for guilt-free retail therapy.

We’re proud to support Garage Sale Trail and reduce the amount of stuff we send to landfill and the number of new products made. Ultimately, it's about decreasing our negative impact on mother earth and preserving it for future generations to come.

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