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Share your feedback on current Council proposals

Woollahra Council values our community as a source of local expertise and we actively seek community feedback on our proposed projects, policies and plans. Find out more about community engagement.

All of our community engagement and consultation opportunities are hosted on the Your Say Woollahra website, where you can also register to receive updates.

Open Projects

Planning for the Future of Woollahra

Each newly elected Council is responsible for setting its strategic direction through a draft Community Strategic Plan and supporting documents including the Delivery Program 2022/23 to 2025/26Operational Plan 2022/23 and Long Term Financial Plan 2022/23. These draft documents are now ready to share with the community, and we want to hear from you to understand if we're on the right track. We invite you to have your say on any of these documents before Sunday 15 May 2022.

Draft Double Bay Centre Planning & Urban Design Strategy

Woollahra Council invites your feedback on the Draft Double Bay Centre Planning and Urban Design Strategy before Friday 27 May 2022. If adopted by Council, this document will guide future development in the Double Bay Centre. It contains recommendations to address what matters most to the local community, including protecting character and heritage, maintaining solar access to key public spaces, activating streets, promoting walkability, and creating a viable environment for local businesses to thrive.

On-leash dogs in Pannerong Reserve, Rose Bay

Pannerong Reserve is a small grassed area close to the Rose Bay town centre, located at 20-22 Newcastle Street, Rose Bay. Under the current rules, dogs are prohibited from the reserve at all times. We are currently seeking to understand the community's views on changing the current status of ‘No Dogs Allowed’ to ‘Dogs On Leash” in Pannerong Reserve. Tell us your preferences via a short survey before 10 June 2022.

Draft Woollahra Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan 2022

We invite your comments on the Draft Woollahra Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan 2022 until Friday 20 May 2022. Section 7.12 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 allows councils to impose, as a condition of consent, a requirement that the applicant pay a levy of the percentage of the proposed cost of carrying out the development. For Council to impose a condition under section 7.12, a contributions plan must be in place. The Draft Plan contain works nominated in the 2022/2023 budget and has been prepared to replace and repeal the existing plan, and will apply to all land within the Woollahra LGA.

Local heritage listing of ‘Cadry’s Building’ at 133 New South Head Road and 549 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff

Woollahra Council is exhibiting a planning proposal in relation to 133 New South Head Road and 549 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff and we invite your comments until Friday 20 May 2022. We are proposing to amend the Woollahra LEP 2014 to include the Cadry’s building at 133 New South Head Road and the early Victorian sandstone cottage at 549 Glenmore Road Edgecliff as local heritage items in Schedule 5 of the LEP.

Planning Proposal for 252-254 New South Head Road Double Bay

Woollahra Council is exhibiting a planning proposal for 252-254 New South Head Road, Double Bay, that would amend the applicable height (HOB) and floor space ratio (FSR) controls under the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014. The amendment aims to increase development potential on the land by increasing the HOB from 13.5m to 22m, and the FSR from 1.3:1 to 2.6:1. We invite your feedback until Friday 27 May 2022.

Draft Code of Meeting Practice

Woollahra Council has drafted a Code of Meeting Practice, based on the Model Code prepared by the Office of Local Government. When the Code of Meeting Practice is adopted by Council, it will set out how our Council must conduct its Council and Committee meetings. We invite you to make a submission in response to the draft code before Wednesday 22 June 2022.